Storms are very prevelant in the Northern New Jersey area. Winter brings about a great deal of snow and ice storms. Throughout the year we also have strong winds, thunderstorms, hail, Nor’easter, flooding, and even the occasional tornado touches down. With such a close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean we also have the occasional tropical storm and hurricane that comes up the coast. Trees that are decayed, are dying, or already dead are more prone to fall during extreme weather conditions such as high winds. This is why customers who have potential hazardous trees should take preventative action to have them removed before a storm strikes.

While it is impossible to totally protect your trees and property from severe storms, there are some basic procedures that can help reduce the risk of damage. RJS Tree Service can inspect for defects and conditions that could predispose your trees to failure.

In many cases these potential hazards are not always obvious to the untrained eye and correcting them can be a dangerous job. That’s why before remedial treatments are recommended or any work is performed, an RJS Tree Service Specialist will fully inspect trees and conduct a more detailed assessment if needed. This could even include a climbing inspection or an analysis of decay that may be present in the branches, stems, or roots.

Based on the outcome of an inspection, RJS Tree Service may recommend appropriate treatments such as tree pruning, installation of supportive cables or braces, and even lightning protection systems. Trees provide beauty and add value to your property so removal should only be considered where high-risk conditions exist that cannot be effectively mitigated.

In the event that a storm takes place and you have a tree hazard, RJS Tree Service specializes in these types of scenarios. RJS Tree Service has the resources and expertise to handle any type of tree removal. If a large tree is on your structure (home, car, etc), contanct RJS Tree Service to have it removed.

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