After contacting us, RJS Tree Service will first visit your property, assess what needs to be done, and then provide you with a FREE written estimate. Our estimate will reflect what tree removal method will be used to get the job done.

Safe tree removal in suburban neighborhoods takes skill. Most trees cannot just be dropped in a yard because they extend over your home, power lines, shrubs, landscaping, pool, or even your neighbor’s property. The protection of your home and property is our top priority. Tree removal often requires us to carefully “dismantle” the tree using specialized equipment and rigging. The type of equipment depends on where the tree is located, the soundness of the tree (hollow, big splits or cracks), and the position of the branches. Did you know that a tree with a diameter of only 24 inches can weigh in at over 4 tons? That’s a lot of trees!

Our preferred method of removing trees is by operating our state-of-the-art cranes to lift trees off your property by utilizing our “No Impact Tree Removal” technique. This helps ensure the least amount of damage to your property and increases the safety of our crew.

For home or property owners, the advantages of using a crane help from harming nearby trees and avoiding rutting your yard. Since no limbs need to be dropped, it protects most of your landscaping and other structures on your property. We typically set up our cranes to operate from your driveway or road.

Since we own and operate all our cranes, we are able to work much more efficiently, complete more jobs in a day, and save on the high cost of rentals – all of which is passed on to the customer. In most cases, we are more affordable compared to tree removal companies that employ methods of dropping trees or renting out their cranes and operators.

However, in unique situations where we cannot use the crane, our highly experienced crew will remove the trees manually.

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