Our double-shredded mulch is a fantastic value, offering a long lasting decorative look for landscape designs. This mulch can compete with the most high-end mulches for appearance and it costs less! The natural uncolored mulch is perfect for your perennial garden.

RJS Tree Service double-shredded mulch is made from local area trees. By recycling these trees, we are saving landfill space. Unlike decorative stone mulches sometimes used in landscaping, our double-shredded mulch is an organic mulch, which with time will become rich topsoil. Plants, shrubs and trees have been shown to do much better with an organic mulch which offers better temperature buffering during extreme hot or cold weather.

Spring/Summer is the ideal period to apply your mulch (soil temperatures will have warmed up). Apply a 2″ to 3″ layer of finely processed mulch around annuals and perennials. Avoid mulching directly around the stems of plants and trunks of trees. Spread mulch evenly and avoid compacting or matting down.

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